Newsletter 27th March 2020


Sunday Morning Church We will continue to in our own 'bubbles' on Sunday mornings. There will be an email that will go out to you each Sunday morning to lead households in various aspects of worshiping at home. We will worship, open scripture, and share reflections, testimonies and pray. Please keep an eye on your inbox on Sunday morning and also check out our Northpoint Whanau facebook group for specific resourcing for those with children in Pods, Sprouts, Forest and The Fort. We trust that you'll continue to engage with us and make the most of this opportunity to grow faith together with those we do life together with every day.

Giving at Northpoint We know in these changing times that people are having to change and adapt to different ways of doing things and for some of you that may include the way you give. We have two electronic ways that you can still put God first in your finances Internet Banking Northpoint Baptist Church TSB Bank

15 3956 0073646 00

Particulars: name

Reference: Offering or other payment to church. Pay by App Or if you have the EZYCHURCH APP then you can pay on the app - At the bottom of the screen is a heart icon with give underneath just click on that an follow the prompts (please note there is a small transaction fee for this service) Blessings, and thanks


Please let us know:

  • if you are able to offer help to others in some way eg: phone calls to encourage those in isolation, grocery shopping for those who cannot leave home.

  • if you need support eg: receiving a friendly 'check in' phone call, practical help, prayer...

  • if you are pastorally gifted -please don't hold back

  • if you have creative ideas that God is prompting at this time

  • If you are able to do a short devotion to share on our closed 'Northpoint Whanau' facebook group.

If you or someone you know are a person who is vulnerable (elderly, diabetics, immune suppressed, asthmatic) please let us know as we would like to especially keep you on our radar.


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